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The Vola range of klisters covers all temperatures encountered on a cross-country ski run. Klisters are used in classic cross-country skiing when the snow has already gone through a melting and refreezing phase. The klisters are applied to the retention zone, which is defined according to the camber of the ski, the weight of the skier and his or her technical level. In order to optimize their operation, Vola klisters can be mixed when you are at the limit between two temperature ranges.
Klister Blue for icy snow and cold snow temperatures from -14°C to -5°C.
Klister Violet for transformed and wet snow. Snow temperatures from -6°C to -3°C.
Red Klister for transformed snow, very wet around the freezing point. High glide quality. Snow temperatures from -3°C to 0°C.
Green Klister for icy snow and very cold snow temperatures from -20°C to -10°C. Can be used as a base to improve the performance of other klisters.
Klister Silver for processed snow around freezing point. Snow temperature: from -1°C to 0°C.
Fart liquide universel destiné aux
peaux pour la pratique du ski de fond
classique. Évite le risque de givrage
et de bottage. Améliore la glisse et
l’accroche grâce à ses propriétés
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