Дата 05/03/2019
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Updated reference:

Take the right track

SkiNordic-Pro has been used since its creation in 1990 by advanced and well-informed enthusiasts and professionals.
It is the center of gravity for the programs of the SkiNordic-Pro suite
SkiNordic-Pro and its satellite software applications participate in the promotion of your races .

Display-SkiNordic-Pro / Live-SkiNordic-Pro / Live-SkiNordic-Pro-FIS


Always go forward

The federal requirements evolve:
Download links are modified or replaced by WEB Services.
File encoding modes evolve: TXT, DB, CSV, XML ...
The Windows 10 operating system opens the way for new performances:
Using DirectX12 for a closer control of the machine.
Better file indexing.
Computers evolve:
The standard screen resolution tends to HD 1920x1080 high definition,
The speed of USB3 enables to transfer up to 5 GBits/s ...
Internet is now the modern communication tool:
With transfer speeds, a WebTV can be set for promoting your races.
Internet gets free of wired lines, by connecting with 3G, 4G, 5G ...
Your expectations are changing too, you desire to:
Use matrix color scoreboards.
Broadcast your events live on monitors, scoreboards, internet ...
The Vola team is actively committed in this fast tempo and presents SkiNordic version 7