Radio Impulse Transmission T615

REF. T615


Brand Tag Heuer
Manufacturer Ref HL615

This system of radio radio impulse transmission is intended for those who wish to time trainings, tests, small competitions on reduced distances.
The maximum range of the system is about 1km in optimum radio condition.
Depending on the terrain configuration the range can be reduced to a few hundreds meters.
Transmission is in the 869 MHz band which does not require a license.
Because of its low transmit power, this system must be used in an undisturbed environment.
Technical characteristics

Frequency band used 869 MHz
Power 100 mW
Number of channels (Team) 4
Number of identifiers 4
Battery control 'BAT' key
Transmission control 'TEST' key
Power supply CR123A-1400mA battery - 3Vdc
Autonomy 45 days with 1 pulse every 10 s
Dimensions 147 mm x 57 mm x 32 mm
Weight 225 g

Frequency band used 869 MHz
Number of channels (Team) 4
Number of identifiers 4
Reception level control 4 LEDs
Issuer identity identification 4 LEDs
Acoustic signal for reception yes
Transmission delay fixed at 200 ms + -0.13 ms
Power supply rechargeable battery
Autonomy 48 hours at 20 ° C
Dimensions 185 mm x 82 mm x 32 mm
Weight 425 g
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