Start Clock with remote control

Start Clock with remote Start Clock with remote Start Clock with remote Start Clock with remote
REF. A5-11


Ref A5-11 Start Clock
Marque Alge
Manufacturer Reference ASC3

The start clock is an essential accessory for the organization of the starting procedures of a race.
All start information for the starter or athlete is available:
. Time of day,
. A light signal (red, orange, green) of departure authorization,
. The countdown before the scheduled start time,
. Optionally, the number of the competitor can start.

Technical data

Display Extent 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.999 seconds
Resolution 1/1000
Drift +/- 0.0002 seconds / hour at 20 ° C
Time of day display six 7 segments 55 mm high and dividers
Digits three 7 segments 80 mm high
Countdown three 7 segments 80 mm high and dividers
Starting lights three red, orange, green zones
Sound internal speaker
Operating temperature from -25 ° C to 60 ° C
Memory about 2000 start times
Internal battery 12 Vdc
External power supply 85-264 Vac or 12 Vdc
Dimensions 445 mm x 316 mm x 115 mm (handle included)
Weight 8.4 kg
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