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Ref fournisseur RL TIMING SYSTEM

The RL Ski Racing System is the newest generation of wireless timing from Brower Timing Systems.
This reference has a Bluetooth connection and it is supplied with a smartphone app available on Androïd or iOS.
The system is portable, easy to set up, and simple to run.
The RL System offers increased dependability with the new redundant transmitions and signal streangth indicator,
The system also includes 32 channels, allowing multiple systems to be used at the same time without interference.
The system also has multiple programs which allow the user to customize the system to their training needs.

Technical data

Standard measurement points start, finish
Optional additional measurement points intermediate 1, intermediate 2
Radio Frequency 433.425 MHz, 25kHz spacing
Modulation Method FM.FSK. 32 Channels
Temperature Rating -20°C
Receiver Sensitivity 18µV
Power Source batteries AA alkaline
Transmission Distance 8 km maximum line of sight in ideal conditions
Memory Capacity All components store 500 skiers times
CE Certified CE0408
Weight 3 kg
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