Radio Impulse Transmission TED

REF. A6-22


Brand ALGE
Manufacturer Ref TED-TX400 / TED-RX400

The TED is a long-range radio system operating in the 433 MHz ISM band authorised without a license.
The transmitter operates with a range of a few kilometers depending on the terrain configuration.
This system is used for the transmission of timing impulses and data strings.

Technical characteristics

Frequency 433.800 MHz
Transmitter (green mount) BNC antenna
Receiver (red mount) BNC antenna
Number of channels (Team) 16
Number of identifiers 9
Transmission delay fixed at 100 ms + - 1 ms
Internal power supply 6 x 1.5 Vdc AA batteries or 6 x 1.2 Vdc NiCd batteries
External power supply 9 Vdc to 15 Vdc
Battery control 1 x two-color LED
Autonomy about 270 hours with 1 pulse per minute on batteries.
Dimensions without the antenna Diameter 60 mm x Height 208 mm
Weight 740 g
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