DATE 02/12/2019
REF. Full version CLA03


Welcome in the universe of SkiAlp-Pro 8

View-Clips SkiAlp-Pro and View-WebTV-SkiAlp-Pro

You organize races at the top of the slopes.
The logistics to put in place is heavy and the spectators present are few.

One solution is to move the mountains on the web.
Give parents and friends the opportunity to see the racers in action.
Bring to your partners, more than a banner at the edge of the slope.
Add value to the ski and your resort.

Create a real Web-TV.
With a view of the finish line and the voice of the speaker.
With the names, times, rankings also broadcasted

Store the clips on the web.
Give everyone the opportunity to watch off-line the competitors in action.

With View-SkiAlp-Pro you have two options.
Subscribe to one or the other options or both.
The Clips-SkiAlp-Pro subscription associated with Publish-SkiAlp-Pro allows you to create, store and visualize on the Web, the video clips of each of your competitors.
The subscription WebTV-SkiAlp-Pro associated or not with Publish-SkiAlp-Pro allows to broadcast live on the Web your tests


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