DATE 20/12/2019
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Welcome to SkiAlp-Pro V8 universe

Unity is strength

Up to now you have known or used:
- Live-SkiAlp-Pro (live timing data on the internet).
- Print-SkiAlp-Pro (online publishing of PDF documents of your events).
These two functions are now aggregated in Publish-SkiAlp-Pro.
Taking advantage of this evolution we have added the possibilities to integrate optionally :
. Storage, consultation of Clips-SkiAlp-Pro of the passages of the competitors.
. WebTV to broadcast your races
. Look at the Video-SkiAlp-Pro software page.


A state-of-the-art concept

When you use Publish-SkiAlp-Pro, you benefit from a set of powerful servers, which accept a large number of simultaneous consultations.
Publish-SkiAlp-Pro supports the classification of your races and related documents.
This concept fullfils the requests of :
individual timekeepers, groups of timekeepers, federations.


More friendly

The competitors and their supporters are there to have fun.
All our attention has been given to offer a nice and friendly presentation.
You can search for:
- Live broadcast of events,
- the races made by an athlete,
- The PDFs of the recorded events.