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Video-Msports-Pro is an auxiliary software module of  Msports-Pro allowing for the design of TV onlays and for their transmission on a giant video wall.
With Video-Msports-Pro you can display all timing information (names, running times, rankings, start lists, etc...) on a giant video wall, allowing for a great show for the spectators.

One of the big advantage of this system is that once the design of your TV onlays is made and your scenario defined, the systems works on its own, You will not need an additional person to send the graphics to the video screen during the competition.

This software is optimized to work with the LED modules VT9 of Vola.
For further information regarding these modules, please click here

In the test version, Video-Msports-Pro can be used free of charge, vertical stripes will be displayed in a continous mode.

To work, this software needs a dedicated protection USB key (dongle)
The dongle can also be used for Msports
The dongle must be plugged on the computer that runs Msports.

You can connect Video-Msports-Pro to Msports-Pro in different ways.
The computer "Video" must be connected to the "Timing" computer via Ethernet

System required - Creation of a video stream
Laptop or desktop computer
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10
Hard disk with min. 100 Mb free space
Graphic card NVIDIA accepting the commands OpenGL version 3 or higher
DVI or HDMI output available configured in office extension for the final video output

System required - Optional acquisition of a video stream (camera signal) for a live background.
Desktop computer exclusively with an available space for a PCI Express card available
Video Card Black Magic PCI Express with the specific drivers for Video-Jumping-Pro (to be supplied by Vola , ref. VT9-100)

Prices in CHF (Swiss Francs)

For use with Vola VT9 video LED modules :
Complete version CHF 2'160  HT
Up-date : CHF 1'440  HT.

For use with video modules of other brands :
Complete version CHF 4'320  HT
Up-date : CHF 2'880  HT.

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