VERSION 2.0.20
REF. Full version CLG00


CLSC00/U : Update licence.
CLSC01/N : Scoreboard-Pro licence / HDMI output.
CLSC01/NU : Update Scoreboard-Pro licence / HDMI output.

You can not stop progress

A page is turned, after displays such as:
Digital with electromagnetic valves,
Digital LED,
Alphanumeric LED.
The time has come for color matrix displays.
And to be able to drive them from timing and scoring software.
Here: Scoreboard-Pro


At the exact pixel

Because a giant LED screen can not be controlled anyhow,
We created Scoreboard-Pro.
A good image requires creating a video stream at the native resolution of the giant screen.
Resizing an image decreases its quality.
With Scoreboard-Pro a pixel on the screen corresponds to a pixel on the scoreboard